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The healing power of tidying up will change your life

The healing power of tidying up will change your life

As much as we all love to try on clothes, putting them away is not a fav. What you should know is the healing power of tidying up will change your life. 

Picture this: your cozy 70’s bedroom is strewn with all your latest vintage finds and retro purchases. The clothes may be cute but this scene isn’t. Totally not the environment for creative energy to flow.

Tidying up will create and nurture a nirvana that anyone could succeed in. 

Especially for the vintage!!

When it comes to properly storing your vintage pieces away, it’s best to keep them out of the light. Ultraviolet light deteriorates fabric over time

So tip number one: save the vintage!

If that wasn’t reason enough to get you going, we’ll offer an easier tip. 

Sometimes the idea of cleaning up the whole mess is daunting. 

So, don’t. 

Try out the “10-second Tidy.”

Start with a short session of picking up the garbage. Hypothetically for 10 seconds, but once you’re doing it - you might get into the flow. And that flow, this is the creative energy we’re trying to unlock. 


When you’re ready for the next tidy session, consider taking it to the next step. Consider our Queen, Marie Kondo, tidying expert, who says, "Visible mess helps distract us from the true source of the disorder."

Take a moment to reflect on why this is a daily task for you? Are you practicing self-care? What does home mean to you?

It sounds like a lot, but carry Kondo’s words with you, and remember the mess could mean it is a symptom of another mess. 

Then, take that focus energy and channel it into putting each item out of place back in its home.

Tidying up helps clear blocked energy in your room, your life, and your heart. It truly heals.

Tomato Vintage has tons of tips like this such as how to rock “animal” print.

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