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Snatch Your Waist With These Simple Tricks

Snatch Your Waist With These Simple Tricks

Every body is beautiful which is why you should never miss an opportunity to snatch your waist! An easy way to add dimension and engagement to your outfit is by highlighting your favorite parts of your body. Tomato Vintage's go-to? The waist!

The waist is the most narrow part of your abdomen below your ribs. To measure your waist take a tape measure, wrap it around your body just above the hip bones, and lay it flat but not too tight. That's your waist size!

There are a variety of ways to snatch your waist and Tomato Vintage has these simple tricks to share.

Firstly, we worship high waisted bottoms for a snatched waist.

Word on the street is high-waisted anything is on the way out...but how can a snatched waist ever be out of style?

A super easy technique to highlight your hourglass figure is by wearing high-waisted bottoms. The smaller waist opening cinches the smallest part of your torso, bringing more dynamic lines to your outfit.

Whether it's a skirt, skort, pants, leggings, or shorts, a higher waist will direct the eye to the narrow part of your body.

Secondly, crop tops compliment waists too.

Crop tops typically stop right at your waist for the intention of highlighting the smallest part of your torso.

The length of everyone's abdomen is different, so it will take a bit of shopping to find the right crop top length to flatter your perfectly. A crop top that's too long can bring attention to a wider portion of your body. This gives the illusion that you look bigger than you are. Which isn't the point unless that's your intention!

Regardless, a crop top can compliment a high-waisted bottom by adding balance to the outfit. At Tomato Vintage, we make sure to have plenty of crop tops in stock because we love options for a snatched waist!

Lastly, say it with us, "fit and flare and flatter!"

When it comes to dresses, a fit and flare, a-line, and skater dress flatter your waist the best!

A perfect fitting fit and flare dress is like when Cinderella finally gets her glass slipper back, fate!

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Create the hourglass imagery with a cinched waist and flowing skirt to remind the world what it means to be fashionably late!

Feeling inspired? Shop our merchandise at or stop by and visit our store in Jacksonville, Florida!

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