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How to Rock Winter Essentials in Florida

How to Rock Winter Essentials in Florida

Florida never felt so cool, and now you're shivering.

It’s been hot for what feels like forever but now it’s that time of the year again when it’s cool and refreshing in the morning but then cold AF at night. Good thing you have a closet of tanks and spring dresses…not. 

So you’re not too familiar with winter essentials and Tomato Vintage can help. Here’s how to rock winter essentials in Florida.

We’ll start with an easy one.

Layering winter essentials is key. 

All those tanks you have? Throw a super cute cardigan over it! You can never have enough cardigans. 

This piece is important in any winter wardrobe because it’s versatile in both style and practicality.  

Cardigans are usually light enough to store on the go and just enough fabric to soothe your sudden case of goosebumps! They also fit into just about any aesthetic or occasion. Throw one over a dress for some comfort or clean up with another for that big date you have.


Cardigans are great but sometimes you need practicality and attitude. 

Sweaters embody both. 

Add attitude with graphic sweaters.

Move over cardigan buttons, it’s about to get graphic! 

Sweaters are an alternative option in a strong collection of winter essentials. 


Our favorite part is the space on sweaters to add cool graphics! Whether it’s a message about spreading love or a Tupac Shakur sweatshirt, these pieces are excellent for a louder aspect of your outfit amongst all the layers. 

Like cardigans, sweaters offer versatility in both weight, style, and occasion. But more importantly, they keep you warm. 

The piece with the soul purpose of keeping you warm is the MOST essential item in any winter closet: a classy coat. 

Winter coats are everything, take it from us.

Doesn’t matter what your outfit is, if your coat is warm, it’s got pockets, the buttons are cuter than Benjamin, you’ll be a happy camper. If your coat is not doing it’s job, it’s the worst. 

Coats aren’t as versatile like other pieces in your winter essentials. Our advice is to consider your coat as a staple in the closet. The best approach to deciding on your winter coat is choosing practicality in a style you’ll always love!

So what have we learned?

When you rock winter essentials in Florida it all comes down to having that layering game down!

Tomato Vintage has tons of items and professionals to help you decide on the perfect winter items, stop by today!


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