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Here’s How to Style the Most Underrated Accessory

Here’s How to Style the Most Underrated Accessory

Necklaces, and earrings, and bracelets, oh my! Tomato Vintage loves accessories as much as the next fashionista. And while there are plenty of chains, and gold, and pendants, one of our favorite accessories is also one of the most underrated.

Here’s a hint: it’s like a sticker, but much more versatile!

Okay, we’ll tell you: we love a expressive pin!

At Tomato Vintage, we love to encourage our customers to utilize the power of the pin to add flare, attitude, and spunk to any outfit.

Check out our “Vaccinated (still not a hugger)” pin.

You have to admit that wearing a cute pin that says ‘vaccinated’ is so much more glamorous than flashing your vax card in public.

Additionally, pins like this can become a collector’s item as it it represents a historical time in the world’s history. Fine jewelry make become heirlooms, but pins like this can represent the frontline of history.


Spread positive vibes with a pin.

Stop by to inquire about our “Everything Will Be Alright” pin. If you’re a pin connoisseur like we’d like to think we are, then you know that origin of the pin takes place in positive vibes.

There’s nothing like seeing a positive message pin on the backpack in front of you in the line. Style a pin with an optimistic design with your outfit to evoke nostalgia, light, and personality.

When purchasing our “Everything Will Be Alright” pin, you’ll be able to resuse it over and over again unlike a graphic sticker similar to the pin. We love that pins are a great sustainable option for expression through accessories.

Another way to express yourself is with representation.

Pins have an uncanny way of communicating messages and stories more directly than any other accessory.

Take the pronoun pins such as our “They/them” pin. Pop that sucker on and everyone knows you mean business when it comes to your gender identity. No explanation, no awkward conversation, no excuses.

Allies, this pin is perfect for you too. We appreciate when pieces of our outfits inspire conversations. More importantly, when pieces inspire crucial conversations helpful to those in our community.


It’s safe to say that we are a firm believer that pins are the most underrated accessory. Pins can be glitzy and fun but they can also engage and disrupt, and if that’s not fashion then we don’t know what is.




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