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Eye Catching Graphic Tees That Will Showcase Your Personality

Mid shot of woman wearing a graphic tee that says, "main character."

 At Tomato Vintage, we understand fashion is a way of expressing ourselves without saying a word. Especially when you’re wearing a graphic T-shirt.

Express your passion, attitude, or interests with graphic tees that we carry instore at Tomato Vintage. Pair these tops with a sassy bottom to compliment your message and bring even more to the story you’re conveying through your outfit.

Classic Band Tee

Attract those with similar interests as you with an awesome graphic concert tee of your favorite artist. The graphics on concert tees are usually an extension of the work the musician is working on. If you’re a retro or vintage lover, beware! Concert tees are extremely easy to start collecting and obsession is a risk!


Catch Phrase Tee

How can you express how you feel without actually saying anything at all? With a catch phrase tee, that’s how! Go above and beyond in communication by purchasing one of our catchphrase tees to embody the aesthetic you want to present to the world? Feeling sassy? Wear it. Supportive? Wear it. Bold? Wear it. They say, ‘say it, don’t spray it,’ but what it should be is: ‘slay it, don’t say it.”

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Retro Tee

Some of the best graphic tees we’ve seen are more than a couple decades old. As a vintage and retro inspired small business, throwing it back to the good old days is what we’re passionate about. At Tomato Vintage, you can find various vintage and retro inspired tops that will transform you into anybody from any time that you want to be. Wearing a vintage graphic top is also a great way to show off the creativity in your style. Like, in which ways can you wear this retro top in a modern outfit? Show us!



We offer plenty of options at Tomato Vintage to showcase your personality without speaking. Graphic tees are a versatile and essential piece in just about any wardrobe. Whether you decided to dress the top up, or down, or as the centerpiece, graphic tees remind us how much fun we can have expression our personalities.

What do you like to express when wearing a graphic T-shirt?







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