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Covid-19 Vintage: The Latest Trend In Quarantine Fashion

By Avalon Lustick 


Quarantine confession: We can't stop online vintage shopping. With Covid-19 still present, it seems the only thing to do is drool over the Covid-19 vintage pieces on the internet.


Luckily we have the internet. So even from the social safety of our home we are able to admire some of the cutest vintage pieces. You heard the trend here first, it's time for Covid-19 vintage fashion.




Our website has some wicked cute clothes on TomatoVintage.com. We carry both vintage clothes and modern styles.


Our small company curates handpicked vintage clothing for our fashionable clientele. Our collection includes pieces from the minimalist 1930s to the funky Y2K generation. Us Floridan stylists post photos of the pieces in ensembles they styled on their social media and website. Which is proof that we kind of know what we're doing.


One vintage piece that totally attracts the eye is the 90s Pastel Southwestern Flavor Windbreaker. This jacket is a must need for those daily walks outside to keep your sanity (6 feet from everyone else of course).


This 1990s windbreaker is made of lightweight nylon material and has a zipper closure, 2 front pockets, and is machine washable. Style the windbreaker with a black pair of biker shorts or your trusty leggings.


We price it at $42.99.


Everyone will definitely be looking at the girl strutting her stuff down the street in this lavender dream windbreaker totally throwing it back to when we weren't all suffering from cabin fever.


Sometimes you just have to purchase something that will nurture your soul, even if it isn't logical. Like these 80s UnionBay Shorts. Sure it's not quite spring yet but how can you not indulge in your summer fantasy when all you've been wearing is stained sweatpants for the last 2 weeks.


These high-waisted shorts are made of cotton, have 4 pockets, and could be worn cuffed or rolled. The shorts also have belt loops, so you could style these babies any which way your heart desires. They could have a cute American Eagle moment with a braided belt or an edgy studded belt to highlight your waist, yes queen!


We are selling these shorts for $37.99


More important than online shopping or vintage fashion is supporting local businesses and your community by staying inside and continuing to socially distance yourself.


We are all in this together so the more committed we are to quarantining ourselves, the sooner you can rock these stylish vintage pieces that you collected in your time as a hermit.


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